Board of Directors of Rainbow Bend HOA

What are the duties & responsibilities of the Rainbow Bend HOA Board?

The Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions (CC & R’s) and By-laws in a homeowners association will provide complete detail of all the responsibilities of the HOA Board. These Online Documents can be download on this website. In general though, an HOA Board can perform the following functions:

  • Adopt and change Rules & Regulations to protect the community interests mostly relating to the use of common areas, and personal conduct of HOA members
  • Employ a property manager or independent contractor to perform day to day operations of the HOA such as paying bills and arranging subcontractors
  • HOA Board will set the amount of HOA fees each year, and collect those fees from the homeowners of the association for a general fund

Most importantly, an HOA Board is there to represent and support all members of the homeowners association.   Board members should be fair, honest and always have the HOA members best interests in mind in all decisions.


  • Presides at all HOA Board meetings
  • Makes sure orders and resolutions are carried out
  • Signs contracts and co-signs checks


Takes the place of the President when he/she is absent
Performs other duties as required


  • Keeps meeting minutes
  • Records votes
  • Signs contracts on behalf of the association
  • Sends meeting notifications
  • Keeps member records current


  • Receives and deposits monies
  • Signs checks
  • Keeps the accounting books
  • Schedules an annual audit of the accounting books
  • Prepares the annual budget
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